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English/Language Arts

English 9

English 9 emphasizes basic composition, grammar, and reading skills. Students will focus their attention on constructing grammatically correct sentences. This skill, along with the ability to spell and punctuate, will be further enhanced in developing the paragraph. These writing skills will culminate with an original composition. In addition; students will build as well as refine their reading skills by reading, discussing and analyzing short stories, plays, poems and novels. Technology is integrated throughout the entire course in order to prepare students for the 21st Century workforce.

English 10

English 10 continues to emphasize basic grammar, composition and sentence patterns. Students focus on spelling, punctuation, and paragraph construction. These skills are used to create a series of short papers. Students strengthen their reading skills by reading, discussing, analyzing and viewing short stories, plays, poems and novels. Keystone reading practice and writing prompts are also used. Basic research skills are taught, and technology is integrated throughout the entire course.

English 11

English 11 includes a review of grammar and composition skills necessary for the workplace. In addition, a public speaking unit resulting in a demonstration speech is required. American literature is studied in this course, and students learn to interpret and analyze short stories, drama, novels, poems, essays, and Native American myths. Critical thinking skills are emphasized as well as a cross-curricular approach. Technology is integrated into the course in order to enhance the learning process and encourage research techniques

English 12

English 12 offers advanced grammar, composition, critical thinking skills and research .Technology will be utilized through the use of laptops and interactive whiteboards. There will also be a thorough study of English literature including a Shakespearean play, an epic poem, and other British works. Several objectives will be covered, such as analyzing literary elements, increasing knowledge of the rules of grammar and usage and vocabulary building. Students also learn to research, compile data, write, and format a senior research paper.