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This course content will include an introduction to musical terms, the theory of musical composition, music history and musical instruments, elements of music, and current musical trends and technology. Several units encompass a broad spectrum of topics including musical styles, the music of our cultures, music from the audience's perspective and a hands-on keyboard experience (when available). Required as a humanities course for graduation, music meets every day for one semester.


Art is a multifaceted program designed for students who have not had any art course in high school. It is an introduction to art and art history which includes creating art using fundamental techniques and a general knowledge of art history. The student will enhance their understanding of the emotional and social impact on the arts in different societies. The students will learn to critique their own work, that of the fellow students, and that of master artists from various time periods. Student will participate in live events such as art show, display case arranging, and discussions pertaining to art. Art meets daily for one semester and is mandatory for graduation.


Family and Consumer Science provide students with the life skills necessary to be a productive member of our society. In Family and Consumer Science, students will learn about Food Science and Nutrition, Child Development, Financial Resource Management and how to balance family, work and community responsibilities. Throughout the year, students will design their own resume, along with learning how to perform in a job interview, manage finances and deal with crisis. Teamwork, leadership and communication skills are just a few of the competencies learned. As per current Chapter 4 Curriculum Mandates, students must demonstrate, through a local assessment, master of the Family and Consumer Science Curriculum Standards as a graduation requirement.