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Health & Physical Education


Health is a required semester course included in the 11th grade scope and sequence and is required for graduation. The major health problems confronting society today are covered in this course. Included is information related to how individuals can cope with these problems through the knowledge of how their body functions and through the understanding of the psychology of human being in meeting these problems. Units include anatomy of human beings, HIV and Aids, leading causes of death in the United States today, common health problems, health frauds and fads. Personality and mental health, alcohol, tobacco, and dangerous drugs, and the family life are also covered in this course.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills and to participate in a variety of activities associated with the individual or the team concept. The following activities are scheduled in the physical education classes: basketball, soccer, touch football, volleyball, softball, table tennis, badminton, aerobics, wrestling, weight training, running, bowling, general physical fitness, and fitness testing. All Physical Education classes are co-educational and concentrated on "life" sports. Physical Education classes are scheduled daily for one semester and are required each year as a part to the graduation requirements. Students must successfully pass Physical Education each year and Physical Education cannot be made-up during the regular school year.