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Social Studies


This course will focus upon the documents of freedom and the function of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal and state level. It will introduce the principles of our societies free market economy and basic consumer skills including negotiating and money management. This understanding will lead the student to a better understanding of civic responsibility and their role as participating citizens of the United States. Students will focus on responsibilities as citizens not just rights.


A required tenth grade course, World Cultures will enable the student to acknowledge the cultural diversity of the United States and the world. This multicultural approach strives for a more complex understanding and more sensitivity to issues of diversity, (race, ethnic background, gender, religion, and social-economic status). To accomplish this, the student will study seven regional units. In each regional unit the student will learn about the regions geography, history, traditions, economics, and the daily life, as well as the role of the region in the world today fitting into an overall theme of the development of the global community.


Required as a eleventh grade course, American Cultures will present students with a chronological history of the United States, from the end of the Civil War through the present. Throughout our study, American Cultures will emphasize important themes, such as forging a national identity from a diverse population, emphasizing the strengths and weakness of our democratic institutions, improving our knowledge of the economic and technological systems and the effect of these themes on the American experience of today. American Cultures will also demonstrate the connections of history of fine arts, literature, music, and science. Also American Cultures will demonstrate the multicultural contributions of individuals to the American life experience.


American History (1939-Present) will begin where the 11th grade American History course ends. The class will examine a wide-variety of topics (listed below) focusing on the wars in each country, but also including other significant events that were occurring in the United States as well. Maps on European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Geography will also be included in this course (students will know the layout of countries in all of these areas of the world).

  • The 1930s The Great Depression
  • The 1940s World War II
  • The 1940s After World War II (The Holocaust)
  • The 1950s Korean War
  • The 1960s Vietnam War
  • The 1970s 1980s The Cold War
  • The 1990s Operation Desert Storm
  • 21st Century War in Iraq